The arctic Icehotel

200 km north of the polar circle in the village of Jukkasjärvi is the world’s original ice hotel – ICEHOTEL.

ICEHOTEL has been around since 1989, created from an idea by the entrepreneur Yngve Bergqvist. Each year, the hotel is rebuilt out of snow and ice, greeting guests from the whole world. The ice used in architecture and art is harvested from Torne River, and the cold suites are skilfully created and sculpted by artists from all over the world.

Cold facts about ICEHOTEL

The ice hotel is open all year starting in 2017. It has 150 beds in cold suites and the same amount in heated rooms. In addition to the suites, the ice building includes a church, a bar, an ice sculpting studio and a ballroom. The ballroom has an impressive chandelier made out of 1000 handmade ice crystals.


At the moment there is 1 ICBARs by ICEHOTEL in the world: in Jukkasjärvi, Stockholm and London.

Icebar Stockholm is closed from 26 FEB until 1 March due to reconstruction.