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Torne River – a wild story

35 000 cubic meters of snow and ice are needed every year to build ICEHOTEL and ICEBAR. It comes from Torne River.

Torne River runs from the ancient arctic mountains in the west to the coast in the east in the very north of Sweden. It is the largest of Sweden’s four national rivers, and it is quite unique. It happens to be one of the very last undeveloped rivers in Europe: a wild river.

A sense for ice

The ICEHOTEL and ICEBAR get all their ice from the Torne River. The natural ice requires a lot of labour and knowledge. Before it’s harvested in the late winter, it’s been allowed to grow thick and strong, monitored and kept clean from snow. In Jukkasjärvi it’s well worth the effort. “For us, the natural beauty and unique story in every block of ice is an inspiration. We can never find that in artificially made ice”, says Petra W Lindh, who’s been working with ICEHOTEL for 20 years.

Icebar Stockholm is closed from 26 FEB until 1 March due to reconstruction.