Icekids at ICEBAR – on school holidays

When the kids are off school, we are ready. Take them to a slice of arctic magic!

When Swedish schools are on holiday, we welcome families and children to ICEKIDS. ICEKIDS welcomes anyone who wants to feel, look at and experience a unique Stockholm attraction. The children are helped into warm coats just like the adults, and we offer colourful kid’s drinks inside, served in glasses made of ice.

Step into a magical world of ice from the Torne River! Check out the Nordic animals hiding in the large ice blocks & learn more about ice and how important it is that we take care of our environment. Delicious ice cream is served to all children while you learn how you can become an ICE HERO! A hero who cares about our environment and is an ambassador for the important work being done to protect our water in the future

Guests at our hotel

Children 3–17 years: SEK 95

Adults: SEK 125 including drink

Non-hotel guests

Children 3–17 years: SEK 125

Adults: SEK 155 including drink



All Swedish school breaks
Sunday-Thursday: 16:30-19:30
Friday-Saturday: 15:45-18:45


  • Perfect for birthdays and smaller groups
  • A place for energized kids to cool off
  • An experience to remember
  • Icekids on all school holidays

Icebar Stockholm is closed from 26 FEB until 1 March due to reconstruction.